UTC=GMT Primary Target kHz Meters


@ Valid between 15.12.07 - 28.02.08
@@ Alternative frequencies for when reception conditions require a change
Winter Time: 16.09.07 - 28.03.08

28.10.2007 19:59

4º West - "AMOS-3" Satellite (Israel Beam)

Israel Local Time: UTC +2  ;  UTC=GMT=Universal Coordinated Time

Here are the details on receiving the programs: 4 degrees W; Vertical, 11,647 MHz; fine tuned FEC=¾ and 8,518 kSps (Symbol Rate).
Reshet Aleph / Moreshet
Reshet Bet, Hebrew News
Reshet Gimmel, Israeli Music
Reshet Dalet, Arabic
Kol HaMusica, Music
Reka, Kol Israel International
Reshet Hey, Foreign Broadcasts

12.10.2008 18:22